Belly Balance has appointed Lisa Björnskär as its new CEO

Belly Balance is expanding its digital marketing efforts and enhancing the digital customer experience with the appointment of Lisa Björnskär as the new CEO. May of this year marks the start for Lisa.

Prior to joining Belly Balance, Lisa has been the Head of Customer Growth & Loyalty at 3Sverige, where she has been responsible for driving growth in the existing customer base. She spent the last five years building the company’s Marketing Automation unit and enhancing customers’ digital journeys through data driven and automated methods. With a background in management consulting focused on digital customer experience, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to her new role.

– “I’m excited to take on this new challenge and build a strong foundation for customer centric dialogues,” says Lisa Björnskär. “By using data to integrate marketing efforts across all touchpoints, we can deliver a seamless and engaging customer experience. We’re also planning to unveil a new product strategy that we believe will better serve our users – stay tuned for more details. To achieve our growth targets, securing financing for the coming years will be my top priority.”

Belly Balance’s bold move to ramp up its digital marketing and customer experience efforts comes at a time when more businesses are shifting their focus towards digital channels.
– “With Lisa at the helm, Belly Balance is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our customers and achieve long-term success, says co-founder and current CEO Sofia Antonsson.

Who are Belly Balance?
Belly Balance is a female founded health-tech company offering digital IBS-treatment in the app Belly Balance which help over 75% of users to experience less symtoms and a higher quality of life. Our vision is to reach out to everyone with IBS in Sweden as step one, and then launch internationally.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Stockholm, Belly Balance has since the launch of their app had a steady stream of 3000 downloads every month and growing.

During 2023 we will expand our team as well as implementing a new MA-system and changing our offer. A financing round is planned for the spring.

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